The Ecumenical Catholic Church

The Ecumenical Catholic Church is a denomination within the independent catholic movement. We share with all Christians the belief that Jesus is the Son of God and Redeemer of humanity. We are united with others through the rebirth in Baptism and the fellowship of the Eucharist. We share many things with our brothers and sisters in other denominations, but there are some basic differences.

The ECC and its people love you as you are – – as God made you and loves you – – unconditionally, without regard to your race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, education, social background, financial status, or any other standard used to divide people.

Who you are will not be measured against the standards of an ancient moral code or against the demands of modern materialism. Sensitive to the teachings of the mystics, society’s norms are not our norms. Our norms are based in Scripture, Tradition and Reason demonstrating the love of God for all people.

Your individuality will be celebrated in community rather than judged for nonconformity to what some hold as the ideals of society.

You will be encouraged to integrate your faith with your intellect and feelings, not set them at opposition to each other. We will do our best to encourage you to grow into the potential that God has lovingly created within you.