Compartimos con todos los cristianos la creencia de que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios y Redentor de la humanidad.

Compartimos con todos los cristianos la creencia de que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios y Redentor de la humanidad.

Christians 2023

Independent Catholics have unlimited opportunities to redefine ecclesial practices which  reflect Biblical traditions and the primitive church. Since Utrecht when a group of priests  refused to accept the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope, other dogmas and practices have  been more readily questioned. Independent Catholics have not left behind the essence of the  church. Rather we define through prayer, study and practice ways for being a Community of  Faith in values that are Biblically based and come from the times of the First Seven Councils, the  Primitive Church and the Desert Fathers.  

For us in the Ecumenical Catholic Church, many of the practices of the Vatican which  promote exclusion and discrimination have been examined and eliminated. Truth for us has  three pillars: Scripture, Tradition and Science/Reason. First Communion is one of those rites we  have studied and adapted to our context in 13 different countries.  

Within the catholic traditions there is no one commonly agreed upon practice. Some  Orthodox are known to give a small baby the host on their tongue at the time of Baptism. In the  Roman Catholic Tradition the Rite comes after two to three years of weekly study, a ritual  involving the wearing of white and a party that follows. There is no record of Jesus requiring  First Communion classes prior to giving the Apostles their first communion!  

The Ecumenical Catholic Church is committed to building inclusive communities of faith  where no one is excluded and where every communal instance helps to create community. As  with the Lord’s prayer – “Our” Father, not “My Father,” First Communion is entry into a  community of “we.” It is not “my” First Communion.  

Women come to our small church in Guadalajara seeking “doctrine” for their children. I  have come to know that this means “first communion classes.” They are used to the Roman  Catholic Church which requires 3 years of “dogma,” several thousand pesos and the usual  church ritual. It is common for the godparents to provide the party following, with ample  tequila! Breaking this culture – and it is more a culture than anything spiritually based – is not  easy.  

We begin the dialogue. First communion is to receive the Eucharist for the first time. The  Body and Blood of Christ is received for the first time in the context of a community of faith.  There are no memorized answers to questions that come from Rome. There are no preparations  that require a white dress or white suit. There are no costs. There is only an invitation to join in  a communal act of sharing the Body and Blood of Christ. The first communion is the simple act  of saying, “Yes, I want to be a part of a community of faith” as one receives the Body and Blood.  

It is ok that you are a single mother. It is ok that you are divorced. It is ok that you have  not been married in a church. What matters is that you are here with your child. You have come 

looking for community. You want your child to be a part of a community where s/he will not be  rejected. And you are accepted for whom you are. Welcome to the Lord’s Table! 

What is required is that you want to be part of a community. You no longer want to be  alone in your quest for “church.” You no longer want to be a part of a tradition that rejects you  and your child because of a lifestyle that has been yours. What matters is that you want your  child to be part of a community where children are respected and taught the values that will help  them grow and know community.  

Some mothers welcome the chance! They accept the challenge to come to Mass 10  Sundays in a row. They accept the commitment to bring their child to the youth program  (focused on art and communal experiences). 10 Saturdays in a row. At the end of the 10  Saturdays their child receives communion for the first time. The community welcomes them to  the altar and they feel community support. No expenses for a white garment are encouraged. No  tequila party from non-engaged godparents is encouraged. Just a simple gathering for sharing  the body and the body for the first time.  

Autocephalous catholics can bring meaning and community back to popular rites and  events. Let us accept the challenge!


Está bien que seas madre soltera. Está bien que estés divorciado. Está bien que no te  hayas casado en una iglesia. Lo que importa es que estés aquí con tu hijo. Has venido en busca  de comunidad. Quieres que tu hijo sea parte de una comunidad en la que no sea rechazado. Y  eres aceptado por quien eres. ¡Bienvenido a la Mesa del Señor! 

Lo que se requiere es que quieras formar parte de una comunidad. Ya no quieres estar  solo en tu búsqueda de la “iglesia”. Ya no quieres ser parte de una tradición que te rechaza a ti y a  tu hijo debido a un estilo de vida que ha sido tuyo. Lo que importa es que quieras que tu hijo sea  parte de una comunidad donde se respete a los niños y se les enseñen los valores que les  ayudarán a crecer y conocer la comunidad. 

¡Algunas madres dan la bienvenida a la oportunidad! Aceptan el desafío de venir a la  misa 10 domingos seguidos. Aceptan el compromiso de llevar a su hijo al programa juvenil  (centrado en el arte y las experiencias comunitarias). 10 sábados seguidos. Al final de los 10  sábados, su hijo recibe la comunión por primera vez. La comunidad les da la bienvenida al altar  y sienten el apoyo de la comunidad. No se recomiendan gastos para una prenda blanca. No se  recomienda ninguna fiesta de tequila de padrinos no comprometidos. Solo una simple reunión  para compartir el cuerpo y el cuerpo por primera vez. 

Los católicos autocéfalos pueden devolver el significado y la comunidad a los ritos y  eventos populares. ¡Aceptemos el desafío!